Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why OpenOffice Spreadsheet sucks

I wasn't going to install Microsoft Office this time around. I was going to happily stick with OpenOffice, like we use at work, as I like the whole opensource movement. Yes, even if I actually have a proper, licenced version of Office. :P However, might I point out that Microsoft Excel is a lot better than OpenOffice Spreadsheet?

For instance:

  • Autofilter on every sheet in MSE. Only on one sheet per document in OOS.
  • If you move formatted text in MSE, you also move the format. The format stays in OOS, making the wrong lines highlighted.
  • If you have the whole sheet in a particular font+size, moving a line from one place to another isn't going to change the font+size in the empty box... if you use MSE. OOS reverts back to Arial size 10, which somehow also manages to crash the date. If I have a nice "08/11/05" in the box, it will turn into 38954 or something if I put another line there.
  • If you select "print all" in OOS, expecting it to print out everything on that sheet (MSE), you are sorely mistaken, as it prints out ALL sheets in the document.

Friday, November 04, 2005


First of all, a great big Happy Birthday to Melanie! I hope your day has been nice! :) You'll be getting a card... well, as soon as the mail gets over there!

I'm in one of those times where I'm really tired, and at the moment, I'm really cold too. Can't put on the radiator in here, because umm... it's leaking. Should perhaps have a little hot bath to warm up in before going to bed. Need to go to bed early, as I have to work tomorrow. :( I hate working Saturdays!

Went shopping earlier, bought some paper and string to wrap them Yuletide gifts in. This year, we're going stylish, minimalist and, err, metallic. It should look quite nice. Also got some sort of beautifully red vase, so now I need to pop back to Hobbycraft and get some Xmassy fake flowers to put in there (it's not really a proper vase for real flowers). Can't do it in the next four weeks, as I've got a bit of a shift change temporarily, which means it will be closed by the time I finish. Maybe I could go there on a weekend? If I can't find my watercolours I shall have to go back and get some there, because otherwise that pad of watercolour paper I got last time will be of no use. Also need to sort out my little black book portfolio thing.

It's Bonfire Night tomorrow. The day Britain celebrates the maiming and slaughter of Guy Fawkes, who was going to blow up the House of Lords, but was caught. I find it slightly disturbing, to be honest. Okay, so he never got to do what he set out to do, but to celebrate his rather gory death? Creepy!

One thing about Bonfire Night, though. Fireworks. I'm as fond of fireworks as the next person, but in recent years, I do have one concern that makes me sceptic to them. Animals. A lot of them are very stressed out whenever it's a firework holiday, because the noise is loud and it scares them. Sure, they've now banned some things that were horrible, but there's still bangs going on for about a week surrounding any holiday containing firework displays! This I don't get at all. It's Bonfire Night tomorrow. So why have they been firing rockets the whole week? Save it for the night in question instead! It will make the suffering for our companions last only one night, instead of every night for a week.

On this very day last year, we got Fred from the RSPCA. He was definitely not a fan of fireworks, as he was lying on the sofa looking miserable all through Bonfire Night, and whenever I took him for a walk and there were fireworks going off here and there, he was very distressed. Daisy is pretty fine with a lot of things, although I am a bit worried to leave her alone with all that noise. She's been fine at Easter and New Year's before, but I prefer to keep her company just in case. Fred's now my mum-in-law's dog, but I remember how worried he was last year, and how cautious he was around New Year's as well. There are a lot of animals out there who are even more scared and distressed than him. My heart and thoughts go out to all of them on this cold November evening.

My feet are freezing.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Poetic Justice

I can't believe it. I just wrote a bit of a poem thingy. I wanted a comment when adding a picture to my deviantART gallery, and I wanted it to really express my feelings of the picture. This is what I got:

"Leaving but always looking back"

As I looked out of the plane's tiny window, I saw the hills of Dublin further and further away into the distance, as the Emerald Isle faded from my eyes and into my memory. For a few short days, we were united once more in space and time. We had waited so long for each other, but good things must come to an end. We were once again parted.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Oh, wait, I just did... ;)

When googling for my name, I found some interesting things:
  1. If you search for "doctortrax" you get about 47 hits. Three of those have nothing to do with me. You get 881 or so if you search for "traxy".
  2. Now, I'm not a Norwegian or Belgian gamer, thankyouverymuch. The Norwegian guy even had the AUDACITY to spell it "TraXy"! That's MY fricken trademark! Get the hell off it, you IMPOSTER!
  3. "doctor trax" also generated a bunch of hits - long time ago since I saw CHATsouls (chatsouls.maya.cz), but when happily following the link, it was no longer CHATsouls. Oh well, can't have it all.
  4. Two of my song lyrics - "Dr. Evil" and "Forget It Not" are listed on four separate lyrics sites. The funny thing is, one I'm really pleased with, and the other one is a Bohlenesque song I wrote as part of a silly fanfic story I was writing at the time! Yeah, take a guess as to which is which... :P

Fascinating. I've worked today. Now very tired. Good night.


P.S. Yeah I know, there's not much justice in this entry. But there is poetry! Or something. So... umm... *shrugs*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Britain, Britain, Britain...

Yesterday was the 18th of October. "Duuh!", right? Well, not so much, actually, because exactly one year ago, 18 October 2004, I took the plane from Gothenburg City Airport to Stansted and officially moved to England. Nottingham. So there! Survived here a whole year. Somebody give me a medal? Nah, it hasn't been that bad. Britain's nice.

We went to a place called Amore's in Beeston, an Italian restaurant, to celebrate. I got flowers. I like flowers. :) (Before going to bed, I put them on the cluttered kitchen table so that Daisy wouldn't find chewing on them a good idea... you never know... that cat even chews on plastic gift-wrapping string if it's green, all in the belief it's grass!) We've had the restaurant recommended to us, but it wasn't at all impressive, I'm afraid. I mean, how on earth can you manage to make a pizza taste bland?! With the amount of stuff in mine, it should be insanely flavourful, but it wasn't. Terribly disappointed. At least it was well-cooked and looked nice (which I can't say a similar style pizza I had at Frankie & Benny's time before last was - it was pretty much raw inside, but I do believe it still had more flavour).

This isn't the first time I've thought of putting up little restaurant reviews on my website. I really should do that. For the hell of it. My website is loaded with stuff ordinary people never have on their personal sites, so... maybe something I could do tomorrow, when I have the day off (working Saturday). Sadly, though, I also have the Teacher's Handbook for SH to continue with, as well as finishing writing the Ethereal Crystals manual. Not to mention that ConX stuff for my character. So many things to write, so little energy to do so.

I had a dream this morning. I was in Dublin. Can't remember much about it, but I went into a big building where they sold stuff, like beds and furniture (like IKEA), but also other things. They even had a pizza counter. Then I woke up. I enjoyed the energy of Dublin. It was alive, fresh and young. What I didn't like so much was the lack of Irish people. Every place we went to, there were people who didn't have English as first language (or Gaelic, for that matter), and when we went into a pub to have some traditional Irish stew for lunch, were the people we were sitting next to Irish? Feck no! They were, judging by the accent, from Stockholm.

Recently, I've thought of Luke Kelly's poem "For What Died The Sons Of Róisín" (one of my favourite poems) as a bit of a protest against the EU, but to be honest, now I rather see it as a protest of how Dublin has become now. Ireland is prosperous today, but it's gone overboard. Did the freedom fighters die in order to make Dublin a big tourist-trap? (If you've been there, you can't have NOT noticed how touristy the place is!) I think not.

I read a little travel report from a travel show on Swedish TV. It was written in 2001. It lists the entrance fee for the Guinness Brewery (Storehouse, rather) as 2 Irish pounds. An Irish pound at the time was roughly the same as 2 Euro or something like that, or if it was like £1 (GBP). The entrance fee in September 2005 is the rather more hair-raising €14. They can only get away with it because they are who they are. I mean, even we went "well, it's Guinness, we HAVE to go there!". I really don't think that's what Connolly, Pearse, Plunkett, Heuston, MacDonagh, Clarke, MacDermott and the rest gave their lives.

Rant over, time to go home.

"For What Died The Sons of Róisín" by Luke Kelly

For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it fame?
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it fame?
For what flowed Irelands blood in rivers,
That began when Brian chased the Dane,
And did not cease nor has not ceased,
With the brave sons of ´16,
For what died the sons of Róisín, was it fame?

For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?
Was it greed that drove Wolfe Tone to a paupers death in a cell of cold wet stone?
Will German, French or Dutch inscribe the epitaph of Emmet?
When we have sold enough of Ireland to be but strangers in it.
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?

To whom do we owe our allegiance today?
To whom do we owe our allegiance today?
To those brave men who fought and died that Róisín live again with pride?
Her sons at home to work and sing,
Her youth to dance and make her valleys ring,
Or the faceless men who for Mark and Dollar,
Betray her to the highest bidder,
To whom do we owe our allegiance today?

For what suffer our patriots today?
For what suffer our patriots today?
They have a language problem, so they say,
How to write "No Trespass" must grieve their heart full sore,
We got rid of one strange language now we are faced with many, many more,
For what suffer our patriots today?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Indian infestation

First of all, a great big Happy Birthday to Erin! Hope your day has been nice! :)

Second of all, I'm quite happy because I found a course in animal communication that isn't TOO far from here, and I've signed up for it! Only a year after I first found it... It's just what I want to do, so I'm very excited. Have Thursday off, and will work this Saturday, as I traded with a co-worker who was supposed to work this Saturday. Instead, I'm working, and he's working instead of me when I'm off on the course/workshop doodad, as it's on a Saturday I was scheduled to work. I hate working Saturdays. Well, nice and relaxing, sure, but I'd rather be at home in bed than at work!

Spent the entire weekend sorting out the kitchen. Complete overhaul. Went to IKEA and got some nice jars, and later to ASDA to get some plastic containers. Had to throw a lot of stuff out as well. Why? Well, one day, there are these small, light-coloured (with a little black head) little larvae on the ceiling. Google finds all, of course, including our unwelcome visitors. Indian Meal Moth. So yeah, we've been busy the past weekend, you might say!

The funny thing is that before, we were complaining of how little space we had in the kitchen. Then we finally got around to buy some shelving (Grundtal from IKEA), and started putting things there, which was good. With the complete overhaul, we've managed to put a lot of things away and we still have space left! We're quite amazed, actually. Oh well, if we could only sort out the laundry as well, so that we don't have clothes in a big pile on the kitchen floor, it would be great.

Oh well. Managed to put up my latest contributions to my expensive pebble collection, as well as the least shite pictures from the Texas concert. I should really write a few words about it. Umm. So here goes: it was fab. Absolutely great. And there were so many of them! Jaysus, like 7 people! And all you ever see is Sharleen Spiteri. Not that I'm complaining, though.

Right, I'm off to bed. See ya next time!


BBC Nottingham has a concert review, and I agree with what it says, so if you want the nitty gritty details, until I can be bothered to write about them.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

No longer a wax virgin

Am I allowed to completely slag off b2evolution? Well, I'm taking that right now, actually. As someone who actually read my blog before could tell, I was using a system called b2evolution before I took my business elsewhere - to this place (Blogger/Blogspot). Apparently, it was as full of security holes as Windows, because someone used it to attack my web hotel's server. Delightful. That was the reason I got "file not found" when trying to access /blog, and explained why it was in my account's home directory and not where it should be. Anyhoo, it wasn't my fault, which I'm very happy about, but I'm still pissed off about the whole deal. First, I was lightly comment-spammed, then moderately trackback/pingback-spammed, and then heavily referrer-spammed, to the point of me going "aww, to hell with it!" ...But never got round to actually take it down. Until yesterday, that is. All fine and dandy now. Peace is restored.

I'm not much of a gamer at all, but I've actually pre-ordered one, believe it or not. Age of Empires III. I enjoy a game of AoE2 once in a while, so I figured I'd get AoE3. Legally 'n' all! Actually, I've bought two games this year, which is an all-time high. First, I came across SimCity 3000 for a very agreeable price at Morrisons. I love SC2000, but find SC4 too annoying. SC3k is wonderful. Better graphics than SC2k, but not as difficult and annoying as SC4. For the first time, I've actually managed to build a city that's making profit year after year! Without cheating! (Okay, so I cut the cost of building or whatever it was, for a while, but still...)

The other game I got was also really cheap. World Championship Snooker 2003. I just had to, that's my only excuse, because it's not a very good game, and there's no friggin' manual either. I'm sure it's somewhere on the CD itself, I just haven't been bothered to look for it yet.


For the first time in my life, I actually used some cold wax strips last night, after pampering myself in the bathtub. Sticky stuff, and a right hassle, because they weren't very effective. Possibly because my skin was still damp from the water. Still was a sticky hassle, though, not to mention it was quite painful. Using a razor is just so much quicker and easier and doesn't include pain, you know? Who invented this kinda crap anyway? Some masochistic bastard, no doubt. Still, I didn't do all of my legs, so I want to try the rest now that they're completely dry and see how it goes. The hair doesn't grow back as quickly, I've heard, and they're thinner as well, so in the long run, wax is better. Still hurts like feck, though.

I'm really glad I don't wear bikinis. If you know what I mean.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Stop stalking me!

Can someone please tell me what the deal with Shepton Mallet is? This quite insignificant little town in the heart of Somerset, just a teeny weeny bit from Glastonbury, keeps popping up everywhere!

It's like that number series on “Lost”, except I can't say that bad things have happened to my close ones since we found Shepton Mallet on the map!

It started when we went to Glastonbury in the beginning of June. We went around the place a bit, and of course found our way to Shepton Mallet. It was a bit hard not to, to be honest. The Bath & West Show was there, or at least on the outskirts of the town. Fair enough, some towns are famous for big events. Glastonbury Festival is one example of this (no, we went there several weeks before the festival, as we were interested in the New Agey/Pagan/Hippie aspect rather than the muddy music festival). They had wolves that you could sort of meet and greet somewhere around there, and it turned out to be at the Bath & West Show. As we wanted to see wolves, but hadn't come for the event, we thought £18 was way too much for an entrance fee, so we went back to the car again.

As we were in Glastonbury and around there, we ended up going through or around Shepton Mallet a number of times. Fair's fair, we were in the area.

A few weeks later, that kidnapped Dalek we had heard about in the news had been found. On Glastonbury Tor. “Hah, we've been there!” was my initial thought, even though we never could be arsed to climb up the Tor when we were there. Then it turned out, it was normally a part of an exhibition at Wookey Hole (a name we had found rather amusing when we saw it on signs, as we thought of it as “Wookie Hole”, which sort of gave it a whole new meaning), but it had also been a part of the Bath & West Show in Shepton Mallet. “We were at that car parking field!”
Yeah, so so far it's not very interesting, is it? It gets slightly more interesting now.

We watched a show about gardening. It featured the guy who won the #1 prize at Chelsea (?) for his amazing vegetable presentation, and also a back garden monster veg grower. Monster veg being vegetables that grow really big in one way or another. They were working on a beetroot with a very long root part, I remember. They were going to display their monstrous produce at a monster veg fair/exhibition this autumn. Where they said it's held? Shepton Mallet.

Yes, I could sort of sympathise with this as well. It's Somerset after all, countryside and all that, there's bound to be some sort of veg show-off there. River Cottage might be in Devon, but that's like next door anyway.

I read a piece of news on the BBC website, about the rapist who was serving his time in prison, who had managed to win the lottery. I didn't even know Shepton Mallet had a prison. The whole article is here, by the way:

The latest in this story is from today. I was speaking to a customer, small-talking while we were waiting for the computer to start up again, and I said we're in Nottingham. She started talking about a bag-company called Mulberry, who she believed came from here. I haven't got a clue (c'mon, handbags!), so I googled for it. If you want the handbag headquarters, it's Shepton Mallet you want.

Allow me to stick my thumb out in a Johnny Bravo kind of way and say “I'm beginnin' to see a pattern here”! Some more research shows the town has 8000 inhabitants, which is less than my home town in Sweden, and apparently, it's “a delightful mixture of old and new” as well. The pictures are nice.

Those Mendip hills lead my thoughts to Minyip in Victoria, Australia, where they shot “The Flying Doctors” (a show I absolutely swear by – if they'd only release the complete series on DVD! I've ordered the box with the first six episodes, but damnit, I want MORE! I don't want to get the 3-disc set from Holland that have “the best episodes”, as I'd like to be the judge of that myself... although, I agree that the one where David's attacked by bees in the plane happens to be a very memorable episode).

Still, Mendip isn't Minyip, and Minyip has never stalked me (even though I wouldn't have objected to it back in the day). So, little Somerset town of Shepton Mallet – what the hell do you want with me?!