Saturday, March 04, 2006


I think my to-do list is a virus, because it feels as if it's mutating out of control. It's not like I don't get things done, it's just that more things keep being added. Even if I split stuff up. I have a massive one for SH, for instance, and another one with more day-to-day matters, another for spiritual stuff... Not to mention everyone I should call. I'd love to say "more often" in the end, but for me to say that, I would have to actually phone people to begin with, which I don't - it's not that I don't want to speak to people, it's just that I work all day and when I get home, I don't feel like picking up a phone as I've been on it all the friggin' day! Well instead I could write them letters. Which happens. Maybe. I send cards? I'm at work, that doesn't give you time for things you want to pay attention to and not have to be interrupted ever so often.

To anyone who feels slighted by me not being in contact much... well, I'm sorry, and I have my guilty conscience and all that. Send me an email. I normally am able to reply to those.

Tomorrow we will have to clean the house up and make it nice and tidy - got a viewing Monday and one on Thursday. Two in one week! Hey, fingers crossed!

Anyhoo. Played D&D online today, which was fun. Finally put some use to Zoula. :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Beta? No, REALLY?

Hm. Don't quite know what to write but felt like writing something anyway.

Just discovered what was "Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)" is now "Windows Defender (Beta 2)". So let's try it! Have had two errors so far... Then again, when you think about it, it's their program to begin with that paved the way for spyware! Why not just fix the security issues in IE and Win instead of creating an antispyware program? Honestly!

Discovered Yahoo!Movies today. You could rate stuff and create lists. The filmography wasn't complete, when it came to Sam Neill, and some years were faulty ("Robbery Under Arms" was released in the early 1980s, NOT in 1999!). When you rated stuff, eventually it told you whether or not you were likely to like a movie or not. That was funny.

Must write some reviews there when I'm bored.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

27, 28, 1 - not 28, 29, 30, 1

First of all, a great big Happy Birthday to Maria! I hope your day has been nice! :) I was going to send you a card in time for your birthday but I forgot 1 March came after 28 and not 30/31 of February. Silly me! I'm still waiting to receive your birthday present to arrive (which was going to be a Christmas present but it didn't get here in time - although it MIGHT actually arrive in time for Christmas THIS year... but I wouldn't bank on it), so hang in there.

No, I DON'T wish to renew my Norton subscription actually, go away. I'm waiting for my 3 free trial months to expire and then it's buh-bye NIS and hello to avast! and ZoneAlarm like on Eddie.

Speaking of free, unpirated s/w - I finally (somehow) managed to convince Linux to play MP3-files! Or, well, XMMS does. AmaroK still happily refuses to play them. I'm happy with only using XMMS though - hey, it looks like Winamp so it makes Win geeks like me feel at home. I think I might come to agree more and more with the penguin though, so yay me! (If anyone cares, I've installed SuSE 10, running KDE desktop because hey I'm a Win geek and need things made easy for me.)

Today at work I had two calls that were similar but oh so different. The first guy said he'd built PCs and stuff, yet he still thought AUX meant speakers... and thanked me when I suggested he should have a look in Device Manager for errors. I don't WANT to know what computers he built. I just wouldn't want to use them! Anyhoo, later on someone phoned up and explained the HDD had crashed... and he actually KNEW what he was talking about! I tell ya, those callers are few and far between but they are so wonderfully refreshing to get! :) Then again some people are just stupid. One customer was advised by one instance he had a virus, and another advised him to download Ad-Aware. His problem? "CPU fan error" on bootup and the core temperature was higher than it should be... yeah better get Norton right on that...

I should've done some dishes tonight as Tony was out but I ended up solving my Linux problem instead and am now in bed and I can feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

I should ask people to read this blog and use it as like a multi-recipient letter or something, because at the moment I'm writing one letter, have another one to reply to and a third one I should write as well. Practical solution, if not very personal. Anyone who wants an update on things but can't be bothered to write - keep yourself tuned to this place then. Sounds like a well good plan to me.


P.S. Found a house that looks nice. I want to live there. John German, make someone buy our house so we can put in an offer for it and get it so that it doesn't slip away like the other one we put in an offer for? (Yeah we're looking into moving. More on that another time. I'll tell you all about magnolia paint.)