Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gradh geal mo croide

They say that the lakes of Killarney are fair
That no stream like the Liffey can ever compare
If it's water you want you'll find nothing more rare
Than the stuff they make down by the ocean

The sea, oh the sea is the gradh geal mo croide
Long may it stay between England and me
It's a sure guarantee that some hour we'll be free
Oh! thank God we're surrounded by water

Tom Moore made his waters meet fame and renown
A great lover of anything dressed in a crown
In brandy the bandy old Saxon he'd drown
But throw ne'er a one into the ocean


The Scots have their whisky, the Welsh have their speech
And their poets are paid about ten pence a week
Provided no hard words on England they speak
Oh Lord! What a price for devotion!


The Danes came to Ireland with nothing to do
But dream of the plundered old Irish they slew
"Yeh will in your Vikings", said Brian Boru
And threw them back in the ocean


Two foreign old monarchs in battle did join
Each wanting their head on the back of a coin
If the Irish had sense they'd drown both in the Boyne
And Partition throw into the ocean

--- Lyrics by Dominic Behan

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Camera, take 3

Got my camera back today.

...And I just phoned to book it in for a repair for the third time... :/

This time you could even see a white dot on the display, after taking the picture. Placed at 1599x814 pixles. The other ones, that are not so bright, are at 1360x1222, 1188x699 and 900x609.

If only I had noticed it right from the start, eh?

Oh well. This time it'll be assessed and see if it can warrant a replacement or something like that. Fingers crossed! At least now I'm home so can phone DHL up for a collection straight away.

On the plus side, yesterday we got some curtains from ASDA. Tried putting them up. They were way too big. A 72" drop works out at the same level as where the radiator finishes, and a 90" drop, which they were, works out covering half the livingroom. Went back to have them replaced for the smaller size, but even though they were of a 66" width instead of 90", they had a 90" drop.

Didn't fancy any of the other ones there, but was happy to settle for some cheaper cream coloured curtains. Ended up getting some shopping and a refund for the curtains, and then went to a curtain place in Ruddington instead. Now we have some modern curtains which I'll just have to wait and get an opinion on. Saw some really nice other curtains as well though, so might go back and have a look at those as well.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New windows

No, I'm not talking about Vista. I mean windows, as in the things attached to your house. Ours were falling apart, so we've got them fixed now. Shiny new uPVC things, like everyone else seem to have these days.

To the left is the before picture. I haven't taken any "after" pictures, but rest assured they look a lot better now. Well insulated, so keeps noise from the road down, it looks nice and clean... Daisy even decided to use the cat flap to go out into the garden in the end. Her first reaction to it when I said she could use it, as it's her own door, was "I'm not some animal!" kind of thing (she's also not some animal when it comes to use her scratching post - carpets are fine, however).

Speaking of cat flap, we got one that uses a magnet to open. Err. At least according to the box and instruction manual. It opens fine to go out, but coming back in, there's a little catch that won't come down, even when the magnet is around... which is a bit pants. I'll have to call the manufacturer and ask what's up with it. I can just tape over it so it's always down, but on the other hand, that means there's no point in having the magnetic version, because the locking mechanism is gone. Sigh. Should've gone for the IR one or the one without that kind of security feature. Not like we have any other cats in the garden anyway. Except for Lilly next door, but she's only been to visit when they just moved in. I'd say next door would have to be more worried about Daisy popping in for a visit there than the other way around! ;) She's popped over a few times, especially if their back door is open.

When the house next door had another owner, who also had a black cat, Daisy would spend a lot of time there. She could be sound asleep on our neighbour's bed, with Sweetpea on the windowsil being a bit grumpy. Funny thing was, Sweetpea was a few years older than Daisy, but that didn't seem to matter. Sleeping on a bed that by right would be Sweetpea's... I've got one word for that. "PWNED!" Lilly (or possibly "Lily") is some years younger than Daisy, so maybe that's why she won't come visit anymore. Well, for all that I know, they might be total pals when they meet each other outside. Who knows? I doubt Daisy would tell me, at least if it's a secret between the two of them.

DHL picked up the camera yesterday as well. See if I get it back this week, and see if it's fixed or not. If it needs another repair, I guess I'm entitled to a replacement. :B

Thursday, March 08, 2007


On Feb. 21st I ordered "The Most Haunted House in England" by Harry Price costing £5.99 through Today, I received it - or so I thought, until I opened the package and discovered it contained "Wings of War: Fighting the Flying Circus" by Edward V. Rickenbacker. As it happens, it's a book that makes an alright gift for my father, so was going to keep it. However, as I was going back to the site to order it again through the same company, they no longer sell it. The people who do charge just over £30 for it. I'm not a happy consumer!

[Snape] You know, today I'm in a great mood :D
[Traxy] yay!
[Traxy] so was I, but I'm a bit grumpy now
[Snape] why grumpy? we have to remedy that
[Traxy] you could bitchslap strandbooks! they sent me the wrong book!

And what did I receive? This:

*giggle* Thanks, sweety! :D

P.S. It's my last day at work tomorrow. Yay!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Or so I thought...

So I got the camera back... and I thought things went okay, but on a couple of picture, there were two bright spots, but they didn't seem to be on the other pictures... or so I thought. Yes they were. Actually. On every single picture since it came back from repair.

This time, it's actually THREE spots. Two very bright and one that's not-so-bright. Placed at 1854x873, 808x1255 and 806x1497. Great.

The reason I spotted it was because a few nights ago, there was a full moon, and a lunar eclipse at that! Armed with tripod and camera, I marched outside. It's very tricky trying to find a quite dark spot in the sky on a dark viewfinder. Took ages before I managed to locate it, and then ages to get it in some kind of focus. No picture was fantastically great, but a few were alright-ish.

When I got them on the computer, and browsed through them the next day, I noticed that even though the moon was all over the place, there were a number of spots that stayed in the exact same place, picture after picture. As I said, the moon was in different positions in every picture so they aren't stars, if that's what you thought. There are a few stars on some of the pictures, because guess what? They moved with the moon!

Investigation ensued. Even though it had a myriad of spots on the moon pictures, when trying to replicate that, I could only find those three spots that I mentioned above. But three pixel fault areas are still three pixel fault areas that shouldn't be there. So now I've booked it in for another repair... :/

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Return of the Finepix

Happy Birthday, Maria! Just a shame I couldn't be there to greet you in person. :(

I'm not joking! As I was putting my clothes on this morning, there was a knock on the door. It was the postman, with a package for me. The camera! I only sent it Monday, now it's Thursday and it's back! I opened it to check what I had got - no, it was not a new camera. It would appear to be the same one I sent to them.

Attached was a printed note, saying:

"Dear Customer

We would advise that we have now repaired your camera and restored it to full working order with our compliments.

We wish you every success with your future photographic endeavours.

Yours faithfully


It's a strangely worded letter. I mean, they "would advise" that they've fixed it? ô_o Shouldn't it just be "we have now repaired your camera" or "we would advise you to take better care of your camera"? It just sounds strange. Secondly, "with our compliments" is slightly weird as well. They've repaired it, yes. With compliments? Err... Isn't "with compliments" something you'd say when you have done something out of good will? It's not good will to provide the service you pay them for. This is a manufacturing fault that has been repaired because I have an extended warranty policy covering it! "With compliments" would've made more sense had I sent it in, claiming it's had the problem since day 1 (which it has) and even though it's outside of manufacturer's warranty, they've been kind enough to fix it. That's what "with compliments" mean.

Either way, it doesn't matter, because they've returned it surprisingly quickly and I have taken some pictures of Daisy and the garden to test it (+ to send home to me folks), and yes, it does work. There is no white dot at 300 x 667 pixles anymore. There were a couple on two of the photos, but in different places to where it's been previously, but I guess then sometimes it can have them temporarily? *shrugs*

Thought I'd share one of the pictures I took, because she's such a preetti keetti. The look on her face is because the camera was making it's default beeping noises (and my oh my, it beeps a lot by default!), and she wasn't too keen on it. Neither was I, so I've switched it off again.

My camera is back! :D My preciousssss... and now I'm off to do some washing up, yo.

P.S. How Shi Sung Chung, my mobile has been upgraded from SPV C500 to an SPV C600. It has a better camera, and better settings too. Shiny!