Monday, July 30, 2007

Facebook is like time travel

If you think about it, Facebook can make you take some serious trips down memory lane. Sure, I bet so can MySpace and such too, but I personally find MySpace rather confusing to use. Facebook has a nice and simple interface and funny add-ons. I have a pet Greenbit (green rabbit) called Shamrock, for instance. The Sorting Hat placed me in Ravenclaw (as well it should). I've been to 63 towns around Europe - sadly, though, a lot of the smaller towns aren't recognised by the application. I'm also endulging in trivia quizzes about Harry Potter and Firefly, as well as movies. Can write short movie reviews and rate films too. Loads of fun.

Then there are friends. I seem to have aquired a whole bunch. Never knew I had that many friends! o_O A bunch are fellow ex-slaves from PC ServiceCall/The Tech Guys/Crapita, another bunch are CHATphilers, and then there are some people I've been to school with and such. It's really quite freaky when you see pictures of people who you remember most vividly when they were about 10... They have since grown up. Okay, fair enough, I've seen them graduating from school too, but that was still a fair few years ago now. (About five.)

The best part are those who you have lost contact with for some reason or another, but who you can reconnect with. Like the bunch of people from CHATphiles. Which brings me on to the subject of groups. Someone created a CHATphiles group on Facebook. Last time I checked, we were 33 members. Many of them are people I used to chat with, and a bunch I've even met IRL. It's so great to see them again. That's why I've decided to name the group "CHATphiles" the bestest group on Facebook ever. I loved CHATphiles, it was a big part of my life for a fair few years, and I loved all the friends I made there. It's such a shame the software couldn't cope with the new servers. :(

There are groups on any subject imaginable, including one about automatic doors making you feel like a Jedi. Didn't join it, though. Another one I did join is I compulsively join groups that interest me but don't actively participate. Yeah, that'll be me in a nutshell. I'm in fangroups of Firefly, The Flying Doctors, Wheel of Time, Animaniacs, Texas, Modern Talking, Thomas Anders, Lord Cutler Beckett, Sam Neill, James Whale (who's on my friends list, w00t!), Poltergeist: The Legacy... you name it. Some were missing, so I had to add them, such as Time Trax. Today I even found an appreciation society for Alan McManus. :)

Facebook is teh shit.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Efinancial spam calls

So, there it is again. The phone rings. It's someone who does not have English as a first language, yet they keep saying they have very very English-sounding names. Yesterday, it was "Sean", today, it was "Matthew". I bet they're calling from somewhere in India. Outsourcing ftw. :]

Our home phone number is listed with the Telephone Preference Service. It means, unless we're a client of theirs or have expressed our written consent for them to contact us, they're not allowed to. Yet they're the ones who keep calling us again and again! Most of the other spam calls we used to get have ceased, but they're not giving up. They still want to offer us mortgage deals and sound slightly perplexed as to why on earth we're not interested in this when we - politely - tell them to bugger off.

Yesterday, I told "Sean" we're not interested and that they shouldn't be calling. "Matthew" was harder to get rid of - maybe he's worked there for longer and has lost a little more of his soul than "Sean" has. I don't know. I had to explain that a) we're listed with TPS, therefore, they're not allowed to call us unless we're a client of theirs (which I pointed out we were not, and had no plans on ever becoming), and b) we do not do business over the phone. It's not exactly rocket science. This time, I googled for some kind of address and reported two American companies by the name of "Efinancials" (eFinancial Services and Efinancials LLC, the latter have actually been sued for email spamming, so my money's on them) to the TPS.

When ("if" is not the option with these people) they call again, I'll try and get the company's URL, which means they should be easier to track down than just the name, as the name's a bit elusive. Getting the company's phone number and address details from the call centre minions tend to be a lost cause, you see. I've tried that before. Doesn't work.

But hey, maybe one day, when searching for "efinancial spam calls", this blog entry will show up, and at least then that person will know they're not alone. Also, hopefully, they'll know if I've managed to track the right Efinancial mortage brokers down and if they've stopped calling...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Toilet Seat Conundrum

There's always a lot of talk about arguments over men leaving the toilet seat up - or women leaving it down. I don't see much point in arguing with my beloved over petty things like that, and luckily, neither does he.

The toilet is not an argument-starter in our household.

Here's how you can achieve bathroom bliss:

After use, always put the toilet lid down.

Doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. Women put the lid down, men put seat and lid down. Sorted! Yes, it really isn't any more difficult than that. That means both will have to lift it when going to the toilet, regardless of who has used it before, and both have to put it down.

Putting the lid down doesn't just mean one thing less to argue over, it also ensures the bathroom looks nicer, smells cleaner, and when you flush the toilet there are less fecal bacteria sprayed into the air and potentially settling on your toothbrush. Another thing - which is actually the reason I started doing it in the first place - is that it's good Feng Shui. A toilet with the lid up makes luck escape. So as you can see, there are a lot of benefits for putting the toilet lid down after use. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Deathly Silence

Finished at around 1:30pm.

Now I'm just waiting for others to finish so I have someone to discuss it with.



I know she said she'd leave some loose ends for fans to speculate about, but... it felt like too many. Like, why not say what people are working with? What happened to some people (are they dead or alive)? And so on. There were also some pacing issues. Super-mega-action-packed start, then it drags on a bit and not a lot happens for like 200 pages before it picks up again. I think I'll have a bit of a ponder about it.

Pulling an all-nighter

It has arrived.

Busy reading. Queued up at ASDA around midnight. Started reading just after 1am, while having a large mug of strong (yucky) coffee to keep me awake. Have read for 4½ hours, just finished chapter 15, on a pee break / making-some-tea break / computer break... but will have to get back to reading now, before my tea-water gets cold.