Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DDO irritations and positives

From "10 things you hate when you play DDO", my contribution:

In no particular order, except for the first one, a.k.a. the bane of my existence:
  • Coalescence Chamber!
  • Selecting someone to heal/buff and use mana only to get "X is out of range" or "X is blocked".
  • People who aren't party leaders but still insist on telling everyone what to do - especially when the party leader is trying to do the same.
  • Chars not suited for getting aggro getting all the aggro.
  • Being the only char who can raise people in a party... and the only one who dies.
  • Useless loot.
  • Having to wander around through endless explorer areas to get to a quest.
  • The puzzles in Shroud p3.
  • Platseller spam.
  • Summoning a monster, only to have them get stuck ten seconds later, or if you're extra lucky, you have to go up a ladder or something so they can't come with you anyway.
  • People who don't say "thank you" when you've said you've left something useful for them in a chest.
  • Groups who even though you say "I/We've never done this quest before" still rush off and leave you completely lost, as you have no idea where they hell they've gone to all of a sudden.
  • Not having striding boots! / Not having decent striding boots!
  • Being really happy to pick up a +2 tome only to realise you've already used one on that char... and that it bound on aquire so you can't pass it on to someone else. (And if you'd noticed it before you picked it up, you could've offered it to someone else in the party.)
  • Arcane skeletons.
  • Having to run VoN 1-4 first every time you've completed 5-6.
  • "If you don't want to use the exploit, you should've said 'no exploit' in the LFM!"-arguments for final Shroud part.
  • Being tripped by any type of canine.
  • That Monks are limited to like 3 weapons unless you're happy with "You are unbalaced"-messages.
  • Monks karate-chopping boxes instead of hitting them with a weapon, which is a lot quicker.
  • Running out of inventory space, and not having enough Kundarak favour to get more bank space, and/or not having enough Coin Lord favour to be able to use the Portable Hole you just obtained.
  • Arcane Spell Failure.
  • Mobs' spell resistance being higher than your output.
  • Force traps.
  • Lvl 1 solo quests.

And since it turned out to be such a long list, here's some positives as well:
  • Guildies! :)
  • People who give you useful stuff that they don't need/want.
  • People who donate things to you just because you're a Cleric.
  • Lvl 9 Summon Monster. Bezekira! Pretty kitty!
  • Auto-gathering bags!
  • Helpful people who take time to explain what's going on in a quest you've never done before and who make sure you don't get lost.
  • High-level Cleric spells.
  • Rolling 20s when wielding stuff with specials (vorpal, energies, etc.).
  • Rogues.
  • Clerics.
  • Paladins.
  • Getting clothes/armour and they actually look really good.
  • Getting really nice loot.
  • Decent striding boots.
  • Having plenty of alts to play with.

How to make sports interesting

If you're like me, you couldn't care less about sports. So what to do when someone around you is into it and you for some reason or other have to sit there and watch it with them? How do you transform it from a boring game of no consequence to something whose outcome you are mildly interested in finding out?

Here's a few pointers...

Well, first of all, who to support? You have to know who you want to win, because if you don't, there really is no point at all.

1. Does the team/player represent your area/country?
If yes - sorted! If no, do any represent a country which you have been to, like, or know someone from? (Facebook friends count. Especially if you're stuck.) Or a country which you are slightly obsessed about? For me, I'm pretty much sorted if any of these play: Sweden, England, or Ireland. If they play each other... well, that depends. Sweden first and foremost. If it's England vs Ireland, Éirinn go Brách. In the European Championships this year, Germany vs Turkey. Sure, I know some Turkish people (have 3 on Facebook, but to my defense, I know them from Yahoo!Groups)... but on the other hand, I've been to Germany, one of my favourite bands are German and I'd like to learn the language.

2. Who deserves to win? One side who have had it a bit of difficulties historically? They just need one more win to set a new record? Someone's a complete prick so by default, the opponent should win? Sympathise!

3. Who's the better looking? No, seriously. If all else fails, be superficial. Granted, this gets tricky if both sides are "GOWGEOUS!!" but if you're lucky, one you like, one you don't. This wasn't easy in the recent Wimbledon men's final, both Federer and Nadal being dashing young fellows.

4. Who do your friends/partner/family root for? If you're stuck at this point, just do what the others are doing. It might not help raise your interest more than a "cool, they won" or "oh, they lost", but at least you can celebrate or mourn together. I care nothing for football, yet if I have to pledge allegiance to a team, I say "Go Gunners!" (Arsenal), because I want to live. (In Sweden it's Örgryte IS because a few years ago, the goalee used to live next door to us and he fitted quite well into point 3. ;))

5. Whose colours do you prefer? Team clothes, that is. Or the flag, if nothing else applies.

6. Any combination of the previous five. Tennis is boring, but due to the first three points, I concluded Federer should win, but he didn't. Boo hiss.

Finally, If you're lucky (?), maybe the sport you're watching might actually turn out to be more interesting than you first thought. And then you're sorted! You can actually have a genuine interest as opposed to a very superficial one. As in, I stumbled across a snooker game on EuroSport once and because of point 3, I kept watching the game... and the more I watched, the more the game started to become fascinating, so today I'll watch it even if Alan McManus isn't playing, which is good, because sadly, I haven't seen him in the past few tournaments on TV. Moo. :(

However, if there's a chance you can escape having to watch an entire match of whatever it is you're not really interested, do take it. Read a book, watch TV in a different room, or just leave the room and go do the washing up, go on the computer, have a nice hot bath or something. After all, sports are just a game, and a boring one at that. This year, we have the summer olympics, so TV is going to be crap for some time in a few weeks. Maybe you can get through it using my little pointers, if you're being forced to watch it, but if you're not, go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Or play on Wii Fit and have your own, personal olympics.