Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey lady! Got nuts?

So THAT'S why the peanuts keep disappearing so quickly ...

Well, that, and the fact that apparently, there are TWO of them, not just the one! :)

It's making me look even more forward to the next Changeling campaign, so Flora can start using her chimeric squirrel companion, Twitchy, which she has had all the time. Just that no one knew about him before this. *cough*

Monday, November 28, 2011

Open letter to IKEA United Kingdom

Dear IKEA,

As a Swedish ex-pat in the UK, I (and I'm sure many other Swedes) have come to rely on IKEA to bring the flavours from back home, especially around Christmas. Certain things you just can't get in UK supermarkets. One of these things is the traditional Swedish Christmas beverage julmust. I've lived in the UK since 2004 and we have always been able to buy small bottles of julmust from October to about December at our local IKEA store in Nottingham. The only issue has been that the closer it is to Christmas, the more likely it's been sold out.

This year, we went in October and the Christmas decorations were out in the store, as were the Christmas foods in the Food Market. Except there were no tins of gingerbread to be had (there were cardboard boxes, though, luckily), no chilled gingerbread dough, and - most annoyingly - no julmust. We asked about it, staff said they had got all the Christmas products they were going to have. We went back over the weekend, thinking that maybe they just didn't have anything in October because it was a bit early, but no, still nothing. This suggests that IKEA has simply stopped selling it, which is very disappointing.

I can tell, simply from looking at the products on offer in general, that you're going more and more to own branded food goods (a mistake when it comes to the herring, Abba's is nicer), and as you've not produced own brand julmust, you're not getting any of Nygårda's in either. The same fate seems to have befallen falukorv, come to think of it, and the Christmas crackerbread.

It's a real shame that IKEA seem to put their own interests (i.e. making every food product own brand and if not, drop them) ahead of those of its customers. IKEA takes pride in its Swedish heritage, and if you didn't, what's the whole idea of the Food Market? And yet, the items us ex-pat Swedes care most about because we simply can't get them anywhere else are being phased out. Very disappointed.

Kind regards,
Traxy in Nottingham

(And yes, I did send this to them officially a couple of minutes ago. I'm really pissed off. Sure, I privately grumbled over them only selling 500 ml bottles of julmust, as opposed to the more sensible 1.5 or 2 litre options you can get back home, but beggars can't be choosers.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Want to know why November sucks?

November should be a great month. If you're in North America, you've always got Thanksgiving, and for the rest of the world, there's NaNoWriMo and "hey, next month is Christmas!"

But we go from glorious autumnal colours and warm weather to bare trees, rain and fog and frost and definitely no sun. Cold and dark. Granted, it hasn't been that cold here in the UK yet - we've only had one morning of frost, and that was in October - but dark? Yeah. Turned the clocks back 30 October and been suffering ever since.

My NaNo started out quite well, I was ahead by about 1200 words. And then November caught up with me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's not me, it's you (but technically me)

Here's what having house guests mean to someone who, like a plant, needs lots of air and space to thrive: living in a constant state of fight or flight. It's exhausting. I'm knackered and tomorrow we're even set to have a house party. No escape. Can't even lock myself in the toilet or shut myself in the bedroom to have some alone time. Partly because it doesn't work and partly because too long an absence is rude.

It's been a week tomorrow, and today my throat has started to react the way it normally does after inadequate rest: by playing up. Not that I don't get enough sleep, because I do, realistically. Not that there are loads of stuff everywhere to drain my energy (which would be mum's guess if I brought it up). It's because there are people around 24/7, and I've never been particularly good with that.

Could go on about why I don't like parties or rather, hosting them, but communal coffee beckons. The other thing could always be a topic for tomorrow night when I need to retreat for a few minutes just to cope. Lest I become uncivil, which I've bordered on since around ... last Sunday, or at least Monday at the latest.

Fuck I'm glad not to have children at the moment. On the other hand, for once maybe if I did, they'd be out of my hair and in the loving, doting hair of a grandparent or two instead. Still, would only be for a week and that just wouldn't be enough.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Total Sensory Overload, or why Rock City doesn't work for me

I can just about deal with being upstairs in a pub drinking with friends for a few hours. Quite enjoyed it too, as it happens. :) Then the group decided to go to Rock City, a rock themed nightclub kinda thing in Nottingham. I had previously voiced my concerns about going there to Dearest Husband, but tried being a sport anyway. (Having had a few drinks helped.)

As soon as we had got inside, heavy metal blaring, I had the urge to back away. But didn't. Can't really bail out in the foyer on my first ever visit, that would be silly, right?

So I stuck to it. Went upstairs, lots of noise and lights and smoke machines. Went to the bar. What did I fancy? To be honest, a bus ride home. Settled for a Jägerbomb (Jägermeister and Red Bull - I could totally have more of that), which then turned into a double (DH opted for a Kopparberg :D pear cider so I got to finish his drink), in my efforts of becoming catatonic and not care where I was.

Well, that didn't work.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Presumptuous much?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all females in their mid- to late twenties must be in want of a baby. It must be true, everyone keeps going on about it. You get married, "when are you starting a family?" You buy a new house, "new house, new baby!" People around you get pregnant, "ohhh it'll be your turn next!" They proudly show off their new offspring, "are you getting broody yet?"

I have never been broody when it comes to human babies in my life.

Cat babies, on the other hand ... ♥

Next time someone makes a baby comment at me, I'll reply, "thanks, we've tried for years but the doctor says I can't conceive" just to see what reaction I get. It only pisses me off to be badgered about something everyone assumes I must want simply because of my gender - but for someone who genuinely has fertility problems, questions like that must really hurt. But if you're a reasonably healthy woman, everyone (even strangers) will assume you'll have a baby sooner or later, and they love to be smug about it.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Random acts of navel gazing

Perhaps not the most brilliant idea in the world to be out on the town and being able to blog because there's an app for that ... because blogging and alcohol is not necessarily a good idea. Still.

Been thinking lots the past couple of days due to reading a book found in a charity shop. Technically the thoughts have been there a lot longer, several since I was a child. But the sort of wishy-washy "shit happens" attitude is quickly eroding. My mind's made up. Hopefully the feelings are shared or we're going to have an issue. But that's not something I'm willing to talk about on a blog. Yet.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flora and I have some things in common

I'm a Boggan, just like my actual Changeling: The Dreaming character, Flora!


You live to serve and are happy about it! You can't stand seeing people in need and if you're lucky, you might get a tasty bit of gossip while you're pouring them some hot tea! You're also pretty handy. You love painting, drawing, building, and other rudimentary skills. The simple life is good!

Which Changeling: The Dreaming kith are you?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why pay when you can get qualified people to work for free?

Reading that a third of the government’s Graduate Talent Pool’s internships are unpaid, I can’t help but not feeling surprised. Like this bit:

But there have been criticisms over how internships can be misused as unpaid labour by some employers - and warnings about the need for them to comply with the minimum-wage regulations.

This was essentially the major flaw in the radio training that I did a few years ago.

One and a half years of study, then a six month internship and at least 70% of the class would be guaranteed a job in the commercial radio industry after graduation. That 70% was the purpose of the qualified professional training programme (Kvalificerad Yrkesutbildning, KY), and programmes with lower employment rates wouldn’t be allowed to continue.

Or at least that’s what we were told as we applied.

Once we started, we quickly learned that there was no money in the business in Sweden and the commercial radio stations – our future employers – were in fact in no position whatsoever to give us any jobs. They had always been broke, even from the start, and it didn’t look as if it was going to change anytime soon.

We did have that six month internship, though …

Which, in effect, meant that the commercial radio stations around Sweden had qualified people working for them for six months a year without them having to spend a penny on salaries. After that time, they weren’t obliged to keep any of us on, unless of course they’d be worse off without us. Then six months business as usual, and then there would be the next batch of fresh-faced and well-trained radio enthusiasts working for nothing, hoping that maybe, just maybe, they’d made enough of an impression to have a job offer at the end of it.

I was in the seventh year of this educational programme. The year before us were apparently surprised the school advertised for new students (i.e. us), we were surprised when they advertised for our successors … and of course, so were the next lot. I don’t know how many years they managed to churn out qualified radio students to false hope and unemployment in the end, but last I heard about it was that they had cancelled the programme.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing the education and I loved working with radio. My six month internship was done with a local radio station to where my parents were, who wouldn’t have the money to keep me on anyway. Not that I held my hopes up, but as it turned out, it allowed me to meet with the man I fell in love with and ended up marrying. So all’s well that ends well.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best "Out of Office" reply EVER

This is a genuine Out of Office message I received the other day. Amongst all the humdrum "I'm on annual leave", "I'm in a meeting", "I'm away" and so on, this one popped up and took me by surprise and delight. Bask in the awesomeness of:

I have gone to another solar system for a couple of weeks, so due to a combination of distance, time-dilation effects and incompatible broadband services, I won't be able to read e-mails until I am back within the asteroid belt. I anticipate that this will be about the 6th of June (Earth time)

Please send any urgent queries to [deleted] who will hopefully be remaining on the planet

Next time I'm out of the office, I need to write something better than "I'm out of the office and I'm back (date)". The gauntlet has definitely been thrown.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Habitat and geography fail

Just read on BBC News that two liger cubs are nursed by a dog in China's Xixiakou Zoo. Awwww. However, this sentence really makes me stare at the screen and question the writer's sanity:

Ligers are extremely rare and are thought to only be born in captivity.

Well, duhhh?!

A liger, as the text points out before this line, is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger. There's a bloody good reason why ligers can only be born (and indeed bred) in captivity, thereby making them extremely rare, is because lions live in Africa and tigers live in Asia. (There were Asian lions way back, apparently, but not exactly nowadays.) It's not as if the two species hang out in the wild on a regular basis and go to see each others' etchings ...

Friday, May 20, 2011

You won't get your money back, you had it coming

The world’s coming to an end, starting this Saturday - or "tomorrow" for short. Or so says some random nutter in the US of whom I read on the BBC News site. Don’t believe any of it personally, of course, but other people do, and one guy has found a way to help the pets of those people who do:

An atheist and entrepreneur from North Hampshire, Bart Centre, is enjoying a boost in business for Eternal Earth-bound Pets, which he set up to look after the pets of those who believe they will be raptured.
He has more than 250 clients who are paying up to $135 (£83) to have their pets picked up and cared for after the rapture.
They would be disappointed twice, he told the Wall Street Journal. "Once because they weren't raptured and again because I don't do refunds."

Have to hand it to him. Great business idea and he has put thought into caring for the animals, which is always a plus in my book. The best part is that he doesn’t plan on giving any money back, which made me giggle. And no, I don’t think he’s exploiting anyone. Clever bugger.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Queen's Speech

The Queen is in Ireland - first time a British monarch has set foot there for a century, and first time she's been to the Republic.

Of course the relationship has not always been straightforward; nor has the record over the centuries been entirely benign.

Understatement of the century.

An apology was not expected, BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said, but the Queen came "pretty close".

I actually had a dream about this visit the other night. I believe the words "should bloody apologise!" were uttered. Her speech seems to have gone down well, according to the BBC, but I feel very ambivalent about her visit.

Building bridges is good. At the same time, visiting Croke Park ... a massacre of innocent people by the British ... it rubs me the wrong way. She's the head of a commonwealth that kept Ireland enslaved for over half a millennia and just because they finally let (most of) Ireland become independent in 1949, suddenly everything's okay, business as usual, forget it ever happened? Sod that. An apology would've been appreciated. Really.

Reference: Read a transcript of the Queen's speech

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cats are intelligent conversationalists

If you've ever had a conversation with a cat, you'd know how accurate this image really is.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Shopping Feedback - The Knight Shop

Here's a few things I got recently from The Knight Shop, a place in Wales that have all manner of weird and wonderful things. I could have gotten my wedding dress from there, because they used to sell it, but I didn't realise until months after I had already bought it ... from the US. I've posted product reviews on their site, but thought I may as well post it here too. :)

Coat of Arms print -A4 - 1/5

You get a textured paper with a print that looks like it was badly drawn in MS Paint (or possibly extremely cheap ClipArt) and printed on a bog-standard low-resolution inkjet printer. Very disappointed with it and it's definitely NOT worth £15 for a printed piece of paper in a postal tube. If I had seen what it would look like beforehand (the photo used to show the product doesn't look that bad in comparison), I wouldn't even have paid £5. This was supposed to be a nice birthday present, but the recipient was as unimpressed with it as I was. Would NOT recommend.

It also doesn't come with a picture frame, which for that price, you'd expect (although product specs points out that frame is NOT included), but I got a cheap but decent one from Wilkos.

Roman Lamp - 3/5

Good-looking lamp for a candle (not a tealight), the wooden handle makes it reminiscent of a beer jug, and it directs the candle light in a very nice way. You'll need a fairly short candle, as it's not very high, and be careful with the metal top - it will become scorching hot very quickly (not to mention sooty underneath, but you can't see that), so be careful around children.

Due to the nature of the horn and brass, they don't exactly fit snugly together and am a bit afraid it will break if I tried fastening the clasp on the front properly. The bottom fell out when I tried fitting the candle (which seemed to burn down in record time for some reason - will try a different make of candle), was it meant to do that to make it easier to fit the candle? It fit together again no problem. The candle also went out when moving the lamp (the wick was above the horn bit), but I guess it's down to technique. One of the pointy bits of the brass decoration is slightly bent outwards, but it might bend back.

Price tag is a bit high (£42). Definitely too high for something mass-produced, but if it's all handmade, it's still a bit high, but understandable. All in all, it looks good and produces a nice light - just be aware of the top getting hot and that the bottom may fall out when fitting the candle.

Wine Chest - 3 Bottles - 4/5

Nice-looking wooden box that looks fairly sturdy and rustic and for a decent price too (£15). My only comment would be that it's slightly too short to fit a 2L plastic bottle (unless you lay it diagonally, but then you can't fit anything else) but that's not the intended sort of bottle anyway. And of course, you could use it for all manner of things, not just bottles, as it's quite roomy.

With the flat rate shipping of £8 within the UK, it's great if you're ordering a lot or ordering bulky/heavy items (and there are plenty of things there that I'd class as "OMG, I want one!" especially when it comes to the clothes). If you just want the coat of arms print, which probably costs a maximum of £1 to send, you're not as lucky. That's why I ended up looking around for more things while I was at it. I'll see if I can take a picture of the piece of paper just to show how bad it actually is.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do I look like a paint chemist to you?

From: Recruitment Consultant
To: Traxy
Subject: New Vacancy from Recruitment Agency - Paint Chemist- 22K
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 13:52:16 +0100

My client based in Yorkshire - North are currently recruiting and I wondered if you might be interested in the position.

Paint Chemist- 22K (to £28000)
Industry: Science Sector:Chemistry - Process
Employment Type: Permanent

My client based are a paint manufacturer based in Yorkshire, they are currently looking for a chemist to join their team.

The suitable candidate should have experience with chemistry formulation and paint formulation. Experience with colour coatings or colour polymers will be strongly considered. The candidate should a minimum in a BSc in Chemistry or a related subject.

Skills Considered:

  • Paint Formulation
  • Paint Analysis
  • Colloid Formulation
  • Colloid Analysis
  • Polymer Analysis
  • Polymer Formulation
  • Coating Formulation
  • Coating Analysis
  • Colour Formulation
  • Colour Analysis.

If this position is of interest please send a copy of your CV in word MS format to Recruitment Consultant at Recruitment Agency.

From: Traxy
To: Recruitment Consultant
Subject: RE: New Vacancy from Recruitment Agency - Paint Chemist- 22K
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 08:40:40 +0000

Hi Recruitment Consultant,

Thank you for your email.

The first time I was notified of this position, I was sitting scratching my head wondering how on earth anyone would think I'd be even remotely qualified for (or interested in) a position like that. Then suddenly I realised. If any of you had actually opened to read the CV instead of just searching it for keywords, you would have seen that the only chemistry reference in there is "Chemistry Digital", the name of a web development agency in Nottingham for whom I have done some contract work in HTML. You would've also seen that my employment record is lightweight web development, radio broadcasting, and IT support.

So please, if you have any positions in or around Nottingham that is to do with radio or HTML development (NOT IT support and/or callcentres) - feel free to contact me about vacant positions. Chemistry - well let's just say I haven't touched a litmus paper or a bunsen burner since I was 15 and I'm happy to keep it that way. ;)

Wishing you all the best for the weekend,


I'm not actually looking for a new job as I'm quite happy where I am (almost a year now and I still don't hate it, hooray!), so my CV was withdrawn from all the job hunting sites at least six months ago. Some agencies have it on file, so every now and then I still get emails with positions available - although I've yet to see one I'm actually qualified for.

With regards to the emails above, I didn't think it would be a good strategy to tell a recruitment agency to eff off, because if they did happen to find a radio job available in Nottingham, you know, not like I wouldn't be listening, and always good to keep your options open.

But seriously, this is at least the third time I've been notified about this position, and on two different email addresses as well, and they would be better off trying to target people who actually do have degrees in chemistry instead of just googling the CVs on file for keywords.

P.S. I also had a reply from the Recruitment Consultant. She was politely and professionally snarky back, pointing out just how many CVs and jobs they have on file and they can't always be right, but it's not half as amusing to read.

Correlation does not prove causation!

Seriously, what's up with this? There have been two different studies which has made me want to yell "Correlation does not prove causation!" true to my psychology training. Glad I learned something from that statistics course...

The first one is that chocolate has been linked with depression, which basically says people who eat chocolate regularly are more likely to be depressed. They do, on the other hand, admit that it needs more studying. Because people who are depressed eat more chocolate (correlation) doesn't mean that chocolate leads to depression (causation). As the BBC article points out, there could be a number of explanations for the correlation, such as comfort eating. How many of us turn to chocolate to cheer us up when we're down? While we might feel better if we eat chocolate (correlation) doesn't mean that chocolate contains some sort of chemical that actually is a mood enhancer (causation), because the article also says there is no evidence chocolate actually is a mood enhancer. (I thought it had been proven that theobromine actually was a mood-enhancer?)

So the "chocolate may cause depression" is a false assumption. They are linked, sure, but I'd rather say it's because we feel better from eating chocolate. If it's because of those lush cocoa chemicals or because we've been, if you like, Pavloved* from childhood to associate chocolate with happiness, who knows? Might be a bit of both. (*From Ivan Pavlov, who became famous for his classical conditioning experiments with dogs, making them associate a bell with food. Dog trainers and psychologists have rejoiced ever since.)

The second one is that too much TV for toddlers leads to unhealthiness at the age of ten. The more TV the toddlers watched, the worse they did in school at the age of ten, and the more unhealthy they were (correlation). "But of course, because they're watching TV and eating junk food rather than doing their homework!" (causation) you might say. Yes, that might be a part of the explanation, sure, but I don't think it's the whole explanation.

Think about it. If you're a child who has the TV as a babysitter instead of an actual person who takes their time with you, who is going to tell you to get up and play and move around? Who tells you to do your homework? Who challenges you and thereby aids your mental and intellectual development? Ben 10? Sponge-Bob? Thomas the Tank Engine? The Jonas Brothers? Hannah Montana? Teletubbies?! Seriously.

I understand that parents are busy and don't always have the time to spend quality time with their children – my own folks were pretty busy providing for the family when I was growing up – but even if it's just one day a week, like a Saturday or Sunday, spend some time with your kids. If you don't have time for children, why did you get them in the first place? To just place them in front of the TV is just an easy way out.

Kids need support growing up, and that support might just be as simple as spending ten minutes with their mum and/or dad every night, so that they feel seen and supported. If I ever have children, I want to actually have time for them. Otherwise, I don't see the point. Surely, you get children because you want to spend time with them and have a family, not just because of some weird biological urge to procreate?

Money is debt - why does that strike everyone as a good idea?

Money As Debt, possibly the most important thing you can watch right now.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Keep your dodgy SEO tactics to yourself!

I love it when I know someone's job better than they do themselves, and they're trying to "sell" me something. If it's a genuine thing, fine. If it's dodgy or they don't know what they're doing and try to mis-sell it or they're trying to cheat at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), they've got another thing coming. Then I'm not going to play nice with them, because they're likely to cause other people real issues more than they're trying to help. And I'm not cool with that.

So here are a couple of warning examples:

From: Person
To: Traxy
Subject: Link exchange request with [URL]
Date: Sat, February 12, 2011 12:34


I am an seo consultant for

We would like to exchange links with good quality web sites such as yours at [film review on a different blog]

First of all we create a new dedicated page for your site link with a thumb image of your web site home page
Plus we also add your site link to a category page (no more than 25 sites per page) related to your site so your site is in good company
We then submit both these pages to Google for indexing using site maps each day
We also RSS feed all links to RSS aggregators for even more back links for your site

We will link to your site first, and if you accept this free reciprocal link exchange offer, please click this link as we have already prepared your details. You will see you link on our site.

You will then automatically receive an email confirming your link details and our link details to be added to your site - also see our web site details below

If you wish to exchange 3 waylinks, or exchange links manually by email. Just reply to this email with your web site details; title, description, url
We can exchange reciprocal links, 3way links and deep links

Our site details:
Title (anchor text): pushchairs
Description: shop online for pushchairs prams and buggies at low internet prices and fast home delivery service -

With best Regards

SEO Link Building Team

From: Traxy
To: Person
Subject: Re: Link exchange request with [URL]
Date: Wed, March 30, 2011 17:00

Hi Person,

Thanks for your email - sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

As an SEO consultant, I would've thought you'd be aware of how page ranking actually works.

For sites sharing links, Google places a high value on sites of similar topics. A baby accessories ecommerce site and a movie review blog post (that doesn't even mention the word "pushchairs" anywhere, nor is it about babies) are not similar content useful for users of both sites and will therefore not be of any particular page ranking value for either of us.

If I had been blogging about babies and children in general, yes, it would be another matter, but the blog in question is about Arts & Entertainment.

Your link exchange page ( looks more like a link farm than anything else, and as the only purpose of it is to boost search engine ratings, you're likely to get penalised by Google sooner or later.

A better way for you to optimise so that search engines can find it would be to look more into the copy of the site itself and the meta keywords and descriptions listed, as they need improving.

Another thing, which I'm wondering about as a user, is that when you click "Blog", you get transported to the URL /reviews/ but there are no reviews. There are other people's blog posts, taken from other people's sites. And you've not taken the whole posts, you can't click to read more and you've not had the courtesy to link back to the original post.

So, all in all, the site needs a lot of work but instead, you're trying to cheat at SEO - and for that reason, as the Dragons would say, I'm out.

Good luck with the site and I wish you a nice day,

Traxy @ Blog
(who, in real life, works with online marketing)

This was a lot like when we got phoned up at work by someone wanting to sell us something that would get us on top of Google. The call was passed on to me, because I actually knew what he was on about, which admin didn't.

The bloke I spoke to was very shady with his explanations on exactly how this service would work and he assured me it was "not SEO", nor would the website coding need to be touched. Err, what? He also spoke about them having "Google technicians" and all manner of things and we could try them out for free for a month. It was something to do with analysing the text on our website and from that, find unique key phrases that our competitors don't use. Which is what SEO is about anyway, so he lied, and you'd still need to put those keywords in meta tags or something on the page to make it work which means the "no coding required" bit is also a lie.

I really should've noted down where he was calling from so I could make it publicly available that they're more or less a scam. People who don't know about online marketing or SEO would likely be impressed and buy the service off them, and that would be sad, because they'd be paying for a big fat lie. He couldn't fool me, though. Not when I knew more about what he was trying to sell than he seemed to do himself. So there.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm an introvert - who'd a-thought it?

After reading the excellent blog post by IfByMe entitled I am Introvert, hear me speak in a reasonable tone of voice!, to which I agree wholeheartedly, I followed one of the links to do a test about Extroversion/Introversion. Lo and behold the results:

Your result for The Introversion/Extroversion Test... You are an introvert!

73 Introverted, 7 Extroverted and 21 Balanced!

You are the philosopher, the scientist, the architect. You love to analyze and draw conclusions just for the sake of knowledge. You seek information and stimulation for your own mind. You are unconventional, innovative, and have a vivid imagination.

Because you are so involved with your own ventures, however, you may tend to forget about others around you. Keep in mind that there is a world beyond your own thoughts, but don't abandon your brilliant mind.

Take The Introversion/Extroversion Test at HelloQuizzy

Why am I not in the least surprised by this result?