Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey lady! Got nuts?

So THAT'S why the peanuts keep disappearing so quickly ...

Well, that, and the fact that apparently, there are TWO of them, not just the one! :)

It's making me look even more forward to the next Changeling campaign, so Flora can start using her chimeric squirrel companion, Twitchy, which she has had all the time. Just that no one knew about him before this. *cough*

Monday, November 28, 2011

Open letter to IKEA United Kingdom

Dear IKEA,

As a Swedish ex-pat in the UK, I (and I'm sure many other Swedes) have come to rely on IKEA to bring the flavours from back home, especially around Christmas. Certain things you just can't get in UK supermarkets. One of these things is the traditional Swedish Christmas beverage julmust. I've lived in the UK since 2004 and we have always been able to buy small bottles of julmust from October to about December at our local IKEA store in Nottingham. The only issue has been that the closer it is to Christmas, the more likely it's been sold out.

This year, we went in October and the Christmas decorations were out in the store, as were the Christmas foods in the Food Market. Except there were no tins of gingerbread to be had (there were cardboard boxes, though, luckily), no chilled gingerbread dough, and - most annoyingly - no julmust. We asked about it, staff said they had got all the Christmas products they were going to have. We went back over the weekend, thinking that maybe they just didn't have anything in October because it was a bit early, but no, still nothing. This suggests that IKEA has simply stopped selling it, which is very disappointing.

I can tell, simply from looking at the products on offer in general, that you're going more and more to own branded food goods (a mistake when it comes to the herring, Abba's is nicer), and as you've not produced own brand julmust, you're not getting any of Nygårda's in either. The same fate seems to have befallen falukorv, come to think of it, and the Christmas crackerbread.

It's a real shame that IKEA seem to put their own interests (i.e. making every food product own brand and if not, drop them) ahead of those of its customers. IKEA takes pride in its Swedish heritage, and if you didn't, what's the whole idea of the Food Market? And yet, the items us ex-pat Swedes care most about because we simply can't get them anywhere else are being phased out. Very disappointed.

Kind regards,
Traxy in Nottingham

(And yes, I did send this to them officially a couple of minutes ago. I'm really pissed off. Sure, I privately grumbled over them only selling 500 ml bottles of julmust, as opposed to the more sensible 1.5 or 2 litre options you can get back home, but beggars can't be choosers.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Want to know why November sucks?

November should be a great month. If you're in North America, you've always got Thanksgiving, and for the rest of the world, there's NaNoWriMo and "hey, next month is Christmas!"

But we go from glorious autumnal colours and warm weather to bare trees, rain and fog and frost and definitely no sun. Cold and dark. Granted, it hasn't been that cold here in the UK yet - we've only had one morning of frost, and that was in October - but dark? Yeah. Turned the clocks back 30 October and been suffering ever since.

My NaNo started out quite well, I was ahead by about 1200 words. And then November caught up with me.