Wednesday, February 08, 2012

America, Land of the Free? Maybe for the 1%

This is related to the post I made yesterday, about highly conscientous people feel morally obliged to get involved in discussions when people are WRONG on the Internet.

The other day, on Facebook, an online friend posted pictures of one of those Occupy protests gone wrong. You know, where they've set fire to stuff and are behaving like assholes. Now, the person who posted the pictures didn't make comments that needed putting right, as such, but the people commenting on them, jaysus.

If I say, "This is the society the Democrats want to create", that's the gist of it. Someone else posted a link highlighting organisations and people who support the Occupy Movement, which was as wide and diverse as president Obama, Hillary Clinton, the "9/11 was a set-up" movement, the Iranian Ayatollah, communists, neo-Nazis and North Korea. If you're the slightest bit educated, you know that communists are as far left on the political scale you can get, and the Nazis are as far right as you can get. You'd also be well aware of the diverse political opinions of the leaders of Iran and the U.S.

While I'm not going to go as far as to claim the list is a load of bollocks, because it probably isn't - I don't really doubt those people and organisations have voiced their liking of the movement in one way or another, I will say that it's fundamentally flawed. Someone commented on it saying that a lot of unions aren't listed and the list creator replied saying yeah, well, the list would be updated at some point. Probably won't ever be, would be my guess, because that would make the list neutral and balanced. It's Republican scaremongering, and to make the list balanced would defeat the purpose.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

You're ill-informed and I need to learn to live with that

In Swedish, we have the word "Besserwisser", which ironically isn't in Swedish at all, it's actually in German. It translates into "better-knower", or "know-it-all" as it would be in English. I prefer the Swerman word, because a know-it-all just knows everything (or so they think), and a Besserwisser doesn't necessarily know everything, they just know things better than you do. Subtle difference.

Now, being introverted tends to give a boost to conscientousness. If you're a HSP on top of that, you're so highly conscientous it can easily become a problem. Especially when you're online, as that opens you up to a whole lot of people who are, for all intents and purposes WRONG. And they're WRONG about so many things. And if you're highly conscientous you have to let them know.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Meet Angsty McBroodypants, Highly Sensitive Introverted Dweller-on-Things

One of the traits of being an introvert is a tendency to dwell on things. We mull over things and will angst about things we say or do for quite some time, where an extravert would've shrugged it off - if they even noticed at all - ages ago. If you're not only an introvert but also a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), it's like brooding but turned up to eleven. That's when a fairly positive trait turns into something you'd rather kick yourself about sometimes.

A HSP can probably worry about things for years. When I was about ten or eleven, we saw a musical in Stockholm. Afterwards, when the audience gave the performers standing ovations, I kept seated, as I was holding a bunch of stuff that would otherwise have fallen to the floor and got lost. I tried standing up, but standing up and clapping didn't really work. This still bothers me, twenty bloody years later. What if I offended them for not standing up after such a great performance? I meant to stand up, really! I meant no disrespect! And the thing is, I doubt any one of the performers even noticed me sitting there, in a dark, crowded theatre, and even if they did, they would've forgotten about it as soon as they left the stage. Yet it still bothers me. Not on a daily basis, but from time to time.