Friday, July 28, 2017

First time flyer? Here's how it works!

Wrote this as a comment to someone in the US who asked for advice before going on a three-plane journey trip. She's a first-time flyer and feeling a bit nervous, especially as no one in her immediate circle have flown either and can talk her through it. No one else had responded, so I thought I would.

My reply turned out to be quite long, so I thought I'd put it here as well. :)

Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Brits that broke Britain #tactical2017

I was thinking earlier about the whole "but Polish people come here and they get child benefits (or whatever it's called, money for having kids) even though their kid is back in Poland!" and it's like ... that's not the EU's fault. That is entirely Britain's fault for having a system that ALLOWS exploits like that!

You think the Swedish government would pay you child benefits if you lived and worked in Sweden but the rest of your family lived in the UK, including said child? Uh, not a chance. In fact, as recent posts to a FB group for Swedes returning home have highlighted that Sweden requires you to show proof that you're not claiming benefits in the UK. So it's clearly not an EU thing, it's a Britain thing.

Much like the whole thing where the NHS aren't getting money from visiting tourists. That's not an EU problem, that's a problem with NHS staff aren't taking down details and making sure people have their EHICs or (if not in the EU) getting them to pay there and then or take details of travel insurance. If you need healthcare and you can go to a country and exploit their free public health system because no one bothers to check if you're entitled to use it or ask you to pay ... that's not an EU thing, that's a Britain thing.

But it's so much easier to blame foreigners and/or the EU for your problem than to realise that your perfect nation is broken and it's actually YOUR OWN FAULT. (Liiiike not voting at all, or voting for a party that WANTS the NHS to fail so it can be replaced with something like the American system. Because that's working out great for anyone who basically isn't a millionaire ...)

We have a general election coming up. Rules for playing:
  1. Register to vote if you haven't already.
  2. Go vote on 8 June, or submit a postal vote in good time.

Who should you vote for? Find out using this simple quiz:

Are you a millionaire of some sort?
YES: Conservatives.
NO: Not the Conservatives, but the party most likely to be able to beat them in your constituency.

Are you disabled? Unemployed? Stuck in a zero hour contract? Working poor? Pensioner? Think we should have a fairer society because it benefits EVERYONE? Or simply just want the NHS to survive?
NO: Conservatives.
YES: Not the Conservatives, but the party most likely to be able to beat them in your constituency.

What's your view on Brexit?
LEAVE: Not the Conservatives, but the party most likely to be able to beat them in your constituency. (Labour are saying they'll respect the "will of the people".)
REMAIN: Not the Conservatives, but the party most likely to be able to beat them in your constituency. (LibDems are the only party that seem to be taking a proper stand against at the moment, but the main thing here is damage limitation. A "hard Brexit" will benefit no one.)

Vote tactically to get the Tories out of Downing Street. I don't care if you think Corbyn is "unelectable" - how about if people just go and vote Labour and see what happens when many people come together without relying on right-wing tabloids? (Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party twice, and he's been winning his seat as an MP since 1983, so he's clearly electable to a heck of a lot of people.) And for the love of gods, Labour, team up with whichever party is willing to be in a coalition with you! Yes, even the SNP! The important thing here is to make sure the sinking ship that is currently Britain stops taking on more water, because all the current government is doing is helping it along by filling up buckets from the sea and dumping it into the boat. But it's okay for them because they all have their lifejackets on. The same lifejackets they decided people like you and me didn't need and haven't earned so they sold off the stock to some investment bankers.

But what do I know? I'm just another one of those bloody EU immigrants, who had the nerve to come over here and pay taxes.